Lets Make Windows Terminal COOL!😎

Abir (@imabptweets)
3 min readJun 1, 2020
Looks Cool!😎😎😎

Step 1😃

Install Windows Terminal from Microsoft Store, here

Step 2😅

Lets go to Settings of Windows Terminal

Click on Settings

Step 3🤨

As soon as you click on Settings, profile.json opens in your default code editor, here my default code editor is Microsoft’s VS Code. It looks like this

In VSCode, “profile.json”

Under profiles list update this to the powershell profile.

DONT CHANGE your default “guid” PARAMETER
Set your icon and backgroundImage path.(
I have used this image)
Install Cascadia Code PL Font from

// Make changes here to the powershell.exe profile.
"guid": "{61c54bbd-c2c6-5271-96e7-009a87ff44bf}",
"name": "Windows Powershell",
"commandline": "powershell.exe -NoLogo -NoExit",
"hidden": false,
"colorScheme": "Blue Matrix",
"fontFace": "Cascadia Code PL",
"fontSize": 10,
"icon": "Path to your icon file, For ex: C:\\logo.ico",
"backgroundImage": "Path to Background, forex: C:\\bg.jpg",
"backgroundImageOpacity": 0.2,
"acrylicOpacity": 0.8,
"useAcrylic": true,
"startingDirectory": "E:\\Dev"

Step 4😤

Scroll down, the settings.json file, you will observe schemes array(if you are adding theme to your terminal for the first time, it will be anempty array).
Just add this inside the array.

"name": "Blue Matrix",
"black": "#101116",
"red": "#ff5680",
"green": "#00ff9c",
"yellow": "#fffc58",
"blue": "#00b0ff",
"purple": "#d57bff",
"cyan": "#76c1ff",
"white": "#c7c7c7",
"brightBlack": "#686868",
"brightRed": "#ff6e67",
"brightGreen": "#5ffa68",
"brightYellow": "#fffc67",
"brightBlue": "#6871ff",
"brightPurple": "#d682ec",
"brightCyan": "#60fdff",
"brightWhite": "#ffffff",
"background": "#1d2342",
"foreground": "#b8ffe1"

After all this, settings.json file, will look like this:

Step 5 😍

Open Windows Terminal, you may notice that background and fonts have been changed, Wait a bit…we are just about to put some finishing stuff.

I am assuming you have installed and configured git on your system🤗

Enter the following commands in Windows Terminal.And press Y to install, they are safe.

Install-Module posh-git -Scope CurrentUser
Install-Module oh-my-posh -Scope CurrentUser

Now type :

notepad $PROFILE

If you are doing it for first time, it may show you that, Profile is not existing, just create a new one, as notepad dialog says, and enter these commands in that notepad file.

Import-Module posh-git
Import-Module oh-my-posh
Set-Theme Paradox

Now reopen the Windows Terminal, if you get an error, like Cannot load scripts,
follow this command by running power shell in administrator mode

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Now reopen the Windows Terminal, woah!! thats cool.. Lets add some emojis to it.
Now navigate to this directory,


And open Paradox file

Scroll down till bottom, there you can check this line.

Replace these two lines with,

$sl.PromptSymbols.StartSymbol = [char]::ConvertFromUtf32(0x01F984) + [char]::ConvertFromUtf32(0x0001F525) + ' '

And this,

$sl.PromptSymbols.PromptIndicator = [char]::ConvertFromUtf32(0x01F680) +[char]::ConvertFromUtf32(0x276F)

Save the file, and close everything and open Windows Terminal…
And there it looks like this now:- super cool 😊😊😍

Here goes final view,

Super Cool



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