Senior Developer Skillset

Abir (@imabptweets)
1 min readMay 9, 2020

Divided into three parts:
1) Frontend
2) Backend
3) Common Skills

Senior Frontend Engineer Expected Skills:

  1. Fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Javascript
  2. Web security
  3. Web performance and analysis
  4. Accessibility
  5. Web page rendering flow
  6. What happens when you hit a URL in the browser
  7. Browser Developer Tools
  8. Any JavaScript Framework’s in and out
  9. Client side rendering and Server Side Rendering
  10. Polyfills

Senior Backend Engineer Expected Skills:

  1. Any one Object oriented programming language (Java)
  2. Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns
  3. Databases (SQL and Nosql)
  4. Caches (Redis / memcache )
  5. Micro service frameworks like spring boot , flask Etc
  6. CI/CD
  7. Queuing systems like Kafka / RabbitMq / Sqs
  8. Search like elastic search / Solr
  9. Cloud tools like AWS or Azure etc

Senior Engineer Common Skills:

  1. Data Structure, Algorithm
  2. Design Patterns Knowledge and Implementation
  3. Unit Testing Framework and Integration Testing
  4. Version Control (git/ mercurial)
  5. System Design or ( Basic concepts of distributed systems )
  6. Containerisation (Docker / Kubernetes)
  7. Architectural Patterns Like SOA , Serverless , Monolithic
  8. Network Protocols
  9. Operation System Basics
  10. Thread Management Basics
  11. Your Side Projects
  12. The project details you have worked on in your company and your role in the team.
  13. Debugging Techniques



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